3. get going! put rails to work

  1. E-mail integration with Rails
    • Using the Mailer model generator
    • Anatomy of a Rails e-mail method
    • Configuring your app to send good e-mail
    • E-Mail Views use eRb, too
  2. Going Web 2.0, with AJAX
    • Brief info on AJAX and the Prototype JavaScript library
    • Remote links
    • Remote forms
    • Using RJS for View templates
    • Special effects!
  3. Controlling your URL flow with Routes
  4. Break
  5. Rails has integrated testing
    • What's so special about testing?
    • Unit tests and fixtures for your business logic
    • Functional tests for your views and application logic
    • Integration testing to tie it all together
    • Refactoring and Test-Driven Development
  6. Moving from Development to Production
    • Looking at the Production environment
    • What the heck is FastCGI?
    • Can my Rails app scale?
  7. Subversion -- keeping your code under control
  8. Capistrano -- automating your apps deployment
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