2. get stronger: under the hood

  1. Putting the Ruby back into Rails
    • Ruby's OO nature
    • Data types and variables
    • Classes, methods
    • Conditionals, loops and Regex
    • Blocks and Iterators
  2. Creating a Real World app
    • Brief talk about the apps function
    • Sketch the data model and user flow
    • Generate the app structure and our first migration(s)
  3. Introducing... ActiveRecord (AR)
    • Brief explanation of the design pattern
    • Magic Rails columns
    • Model associations -- how AR does relations
    • Object validation
  4. Break

  5. Model associations in action
    • Basic and Dynamic finds
    • Eager loading through :include
    • Inter-model dependencies
    • Building Views for our objects
  6. Doing more than View our objects
    • Basic editing and creation
    • Adding smarts to our Controllers and Actions
    • Handling form submitted data
    • Data error handling
  7. Who can edit/create objects?
    • Session management in Rails
    • Implementing basic access controls
  8. Making our app look good
    • Using Layouts
    • Keeping your Views lean with Partials
  9. Coming up in Workshop 3
    • Sending, and receiving, E-Mail
    • Getting fancy with AJAX
    • Building better apps through Testing
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