1. get started: the "hello world" quickstart

  1. Introduction
  2. So what is this Rails thing?
    • Where did Rails come from?
    • What's the Ruby part all about?
    • Why should I use Rails to build my web applications?
  3. Rails is for "web applications"? What's that?
  4. Dive into the code!
    • Make a fresh Rails app
    • How do all the pieces fit together?
    • Brief intro into the MVC design pattern
  5. Making our app say "Hello World"
    • Use Rails generators to create our first Controller
    • Show the connections between:
      • HTTP requests and Controllers
      • Controllers and their Actions
      • Actions and their Views
    • Take our first look at Ruby's eRb syntax
  6. Break
  7. Talking to your database
    • Starting with database migrations
      • Brief look at using Rake to handle migrations
    • Generate our first Model object
    • Show how we can find Model objects ...
    • ... and access their attributes
  8. Understanding Scaffolds and when NOT to use them
    • Generate a scaffold for the model
    • Explore the auto-generated code
    • Show how Scaffolds can play with migrations
    • When should we not use Scaffolds?
  9. Coming up in Workshop 2
    • Rails built-in Session management
    • Performing validations on Model data
    • Dynamic Model finders
  10. Taking Rails home with you...
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